Organic Sourdough - Berkelo (Casual Order)

Organic Sourdough - Berkelo (Casual Order)

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Fresh from the oven, add a local Brookvale bakers Berkelo 1.2kg loaf to your fruit & vege bounty. 

Brown Loaf Ingredients:
Unbleached baker's flour, khorosan flour (aka kamut), rye sourdough mama, dark malt, honey, water

Lemon Myrtle & Fruit Loaf Ingredients:
Unbleached baker's flour, spelt flour, dehydrated in-season fruits, rye sourdough mama.

TIP: We don't think you will have any trouble getting through this loaf, but if you do have left overs, slice it and freeze it for later. 

Please note: All orders are delivered once a week depending on your location on a Monday or Tuesday in the PM.