About us

 The Organic Scarecrow fresh produce home delivered
Hi, I'm Tim (aka Mr Organic Scarecrow) and together with my gorgeous and simply inspiring wife Mia and 3 little monkeys Bambi, Monte & Django (only just born, so not featured in this pic) we are hoping to inspire the community to live a healthier and more sustainable way of life and take great pleasure in the health and well being benefits.
The Organic Scarecrow was lovingly brought to life, more than 4 years ago now, and our aim has always been to provide a convenient and affordable option to feed your body with organic goodness. Here at The Organic Scarecrow, we are also very passionate about teaching kids where their food comes from and how to live sustainably so it's just second nature - and love nothing more than popping into a local kindy and putting together a veggie patch with the kids. 
We only select the freshest of seasonal produce from growers that we have developed really great relationships with so we know we are getting their best stuff. Truly, they love us ... we know they do, as we are just as much about a fair price for our customers as we are for our growers.  
So we hope, that you will start your guilt free, feel good organic lifestyle with us today.