About us

 Organic Produce Home Delivered Northern Beaches Northshore 

Hi I'm Tim (aka Mr Organic Scarecrow)  and together with my born and bred in Freshie wife , Mia, we started this journey of sharing a healthier and more sustainable way of life with our local community back in 2013 when we were just a young family of 3. Bambi, our eldest, was starting solids and the quest for fresh organic produce was proving to become more and more difficult and so the seed was sewn, the desire to provide the community with convenient fresh organic produce. Fast forward 6 years and 3 more babies and we are so honoured to still be going strong with the support of our TOS community.

Knowledge and education is at the core of what we do and we are very passionate about teaching kids where their food comes from and how to live sustainably so it's just second nature. Our mutual loyalty, ongoing support and respect for our growers is the foundation of what we do! The underlying nature of the business is fair price! It is just as much about a fair price for our customers as it is for our growers.


So we hope that you will start your feel good organic lifestyle with us today.