Why Organic?

Why Organic?

Not just more delicious...
Organic food is better for the environment, helping to minimise unnecessary pollution caused by fertilisers and chemical pesticides. Promotes better health and is eco friendly. 

Lower the level of chemicals you consume...
Organic food contains higher level of antioxidants than non-organic (for real! study by British Journal of Nutrition) providing your family with greater protection from free radicals and harmful elements in your environment.

Sound good? ... so why choose The Organic Scarecrow

  • We provide a fair price for our dear customers AND our certified farmers. We look after our farmers and they look after us in return with the freshest seasonal produce at a great price.
  • Free home delivery* for doorsteps or work places on the Northern Beaches, Mosman & North Shore areas.
  • Small local family owned and run business - this is our passion and we genuinely do everything we can to exceed our customers experience.
  • We strive to be 100% plastic free. Unfortunately there will be very few instances where there is no suitable alternate option in order to keep your fresh, safe & hygienic, but rest assured if this is the case, it was the absolute last resort.


*Delivery is free when you spend $80 or more, otherwise we charge a small $5 delivery fee.