Build a Box

Build a Box

You are beautifully unique and now your box can be too! You can now build your own fully customisable organic produce box by:

1. Adding as much or as little seasonal organic fresh produce to your order

2. Now it's time to browse our 'virtual' shopping aisles for all your weekly staples from local sourdough loaves, eggs, meat & seafood, diary and non-diary items, jarred and canned goods, pizza bases, banana bread loaves and muffins and heaps more - it's all there to add to your order and support this passionate small business 

3. As part of your checkout, confirm whether you would like to quickly pop by to our Brookvale warehouse and collect your order or have it very conveniently delivered to your doorstep

4. Enjoy the extra time you just saved by not having to go to the supermarket, and enjoy your super healthy and tasty organic food!