Boost your circulation this Winter with Dry Body Brushing

Boost your circulation this Winter with Dry Body Brushing

Winter dry body brushing

Content by the lovely Lui at Naked Seed Nutrition.

Have you noticed yourself sprinting to the shower this winter, turning the temperature up so hot that you're almost scalding yourself? Do you feel that your hands and feet are constantly cold? You just can't get warm no matter what you do?

The idea of dry body brushing may sound strange to you... I know it did to my boyfriend when i stood there explaining why I was brushing the non-existent hair on my stomach. But I can tell you from personal experience, it has definitely helped me through these coldest parts of winter! Each morning, even on the coldest mornings I now know that as soon as I begin dry body brushing i'll be warm! It's become a small addiction that gets me out of bed each morning & a task I will happily complete before jumping into a warm shower to help rinse away any dead skin particles. It has improved the texture & lustre of my skin and apart from stimulating my circulation, i'm also assisting my body with lymphatic drainage.

What is Lymphatic drainage? The Lymphatic system is a vital part of the immune system. It is a complex network of vessels that helps to remove foreign particles, bacteria, toxins & metabolic waste from the body. Through physical activity, breathing and drinking plenty of water you also assist your lymphatic flow. Through dry body brushing, you increase the blood circulation, which in turn stimulates lymphatic function.

Does it help cellulite? Again, through stimulation of circulation you are helping to carry oxygen to areas of your body that may not receive as much. Especially when living a sedentary lifestyle or sitting for long period, when circulation is limited to certain areas, like your bottom! There are many factors that contribute to cellulite & fatty deposits, especially DIET & exercise status, so you must always remember that there's never a quick fix and it's usually a combination of things that can help a problem. So, using dry body brushing in conjunction with a healthy diet & physical activity will optimise your outcome!

Benefits of dry body brushing:

- Exfoliates skin & removed dead skin cells, allowing the cells to breathe

- Stimulates & increases blood flow

- Stimulates the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system

- Improves skin tone & texture

- Can assist with decreasing cellulite

How to/What to use:

- Make sure to buy a natural fibre brush. The picture above is the perfect example of the brush you should use- brushing yourself with the hairy end.

- Begin with your outer extremities (e.g. feet & legs, then arms) and use singular long, sweeping strokes, working your way up to the centre of your body .

*Your major lymph nodes are located in the groin, armpits & base of the neck- the idea is to stroke towards these!

- Each section should have around 10 strokes each (e.g. calves=10, thighs=10).

*Be careful not to brush too hard when you first start out! The amount of pressure used will vary as you become more used to it!

- After you have done each section of your body, jump into a warm shower & rinse off. This helps to rinse off dead skin particles.

*Be careful not to make the shower too hot as brushing will make your skin slightly sensitive.

Remember, there's no quick fix to anything. Start now and try it out for a month or two. That's all it took me to begin to notice the difference in the tone & texture of my skin!

Enjoy your brushing!

The Naked Seed Nutrition

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