I feel like our family, myself in particular, has had a strong energy and flow around building... 

Building our immune systems up after weeks of illness.

Building our social media presence and really being vulnerable on that platform as I share parts of the business and our lives that i haven't done before. I've spent years in this business ASSuming people knew our why and who we were, only to find that isn't the case at all and people really want to know.

Building relationships big and small with our like minded communities, both personally and in business

I've been building these things all while steadily building a strong foundation of core values and beliefs for my children to grow from and return to in safety and familiar comfort whenever they need...  

I thought about this strong theme in our lives while I watched these two cuties build their fortress in the sand... and it struck me that each of the above are so intertwined and as exhausted as I have felt over the past month with this busy work, it is exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Building each of these important areas has gifted me so much. A shared purpose, an opportunity to connect, growth and adaptation, the ability to pivot when needed. The ability to transition in and out of the required head space when it was called for. Ive grown, I've learnt, I've felt deep gratitude and I've been surprised again and again.  

I've been reminded that building anything takes time, dedication, and active engagement. It’s about creating a sense of belonging and connection and what a gift to be able to offer that in any shape of form.

My wish for you all this week is that you are able to receive or create the bountiful blessings of building something. Whether small and simple or big and elaborate... May you feel a sense of belonging, a strong connection and shared purpose. 

From my heart to yours

Mia xx

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