Connection to community and nature

Connection to community and nature
We have had an energising week of doing both. And it was E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G we all needed. After an intense couple of months of injuries and illness we were all ready to stretch our energy further than just our little bubble. We all needed that bubble to heal, focus on ourselves and conserve our energy on every level but we have filled our cups up in that area and now we needed our connection cups filled.

We were so lucky that our community were ready and waiting to do just that. We had friends take the kids out for boat rides, we had another beautiful family deliver nourishing food and hugs, we had another gorgeous mum take 2 of the boys bush walking with our homeschool community and Bambi had a very over due catch up with a friend she has known since birth. 

And Tim and I were able to connect with these beautiful families all through this and also have time to breath and connect with each other. We had only Poe and Teddy at one point which gave us the time to connect to them one-on-one which is rare and precious. 

For my introverted, prefer to be at home self it is always such a nice reminder of the cup filling benefits that connecting to our community brings. It's all about balance right? Appreciating the rhythm and acknowledging its never good to just have one or the other. We are always connecting with nature. It's such a powerful grounding tool and being introduced to new and different ways of doing it by our community is such a blessing. Ive listed the below blessings for a reminder to myself as much as to share with you all....

  • Mental Health: Connecting to nature and engaging with a supportive community can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Nature grounds us all offering us a precious peaceful and calming space through its raw and real environment. Its a double win if you can do this while connecting with your community which reconfirms that social support and sense of belonging.
  • Physical Health: Being in nature you cant help but be invigorated with its energy source and feel called to move physically. Whether it's bush walking, swimming, gardening it's all movement, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy, balanced, lifestyle. Additionally, the exposure to this amazing natural elements can boost our immune system and overall health.
  • Environmental Awareness: Connecting with nature fosters a greater appreciation for our incredible environment. I find the more we connect to nature on a deep level the more aware we and passionate about conservation efforts and the kids are motivated to take actions to protect the planet.
  • Sense of Purpose: I love this blessing. Community connection can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Being held by your community creates this reciprocated cycle of then being able to hold others. It's pure magic. 
  • Cultural and Spiritual Connection: Many cultures and spiritual traditions emphasise the importance of a deep connection to nature. It only takes a minute to emerse yourself in nature to understand why. I can see instantly that being in nature serves as a source of inspiration, wonder, and spirituality for myself and the kids. 
  • Learning and Education: We spend at least one day a week homeschooling in nature. It isn't traditional "schooling" by any means. It is lead by the kids curiosity and we record all our findings and sketches in our nature journals. Nature offers endless opportunities for learning and personal growth and we incorporate this as much as we can into our nature play and discovery. Whether it’s studying wildlife, ecosystems, or simply observing the changing seasons, connecting with nature stimulates our curiosity and nurtures a lifelong learning.
  • Resilience: This is something that I am deeply passionate about. Bringing up resilient kids that grow into resilient adults feels like its at the forefront of what us parents should be focused on. Being part of our supportive community offers us opportunities to learn how we can cope with challenges and crises. In times of adversity, having a strong community network provides us emotional and practical support.
  • Sustainability: As touched on above a strong connection to nature leads to a more sustainable lifestyle. Through the learning of our environment the kids learn to appreciate and value nature and are filled with motivation to reduce their environmental impact.

My wish for you all this week is to accept and surrender to where you are at and when the time comes to connect with nature and your community may you feel all of the above abundant blessings.

From my heart to yours

Mia xx

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