Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Did you know that in this beautiful Country of ours, we use approximately 8,000 tons of wrapping paper every year! Much of the time, wrapping paper has a sneaky coating, glitter etc on it, making it a single-use item and we didn't even know it. So why don't you try and ditch the store bought wrapping paper this year and try these eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas?

  1. Use cotton tote bags (bonus bag gift for the recipient to use afterwards!)
  2. Old newspapers and magazines
  3. Recycle brown paper bags (maybe from your last shopping trip, takeaway, mushroom bags turned inside out etc...)
  4. Say 'no' to sticky tape (string and paper/ fabric is all you really need, if you don't trust us search it on youtube)
  5. Gift wrap with old fabric ie. sheets, clothes (search google for 'Furoshiki', you will want to give it a go!)
  6. Give an old map new life (essentially a very interesting big piece of paper ready for your wrapping needs)

Happy wrapping!

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