How to make Halloween more sustainable

How to make Halloween more sustainable
The really scary part about Halloween is the amount of waste is creates and it's negative impact on our environment so with these very easy tips we hope to inspire you to enjoy a more sustainable celebration of all things spoooooky! 
1. Costumes
  • Repurpose old clothes and accessories to create the perfect one of a kind Halloween costume
  • Have a costume swap with family and friends
  • Purchase a custom or things to make costume from the op shop and then donate it back once used

2. Decorations

  • Ditch the cheap plastic store bought decorations for hand made
  • Buy second hand
  • Make your own using recyclable materials such as fruit, fabric, cardboard, paper, old glass jars, pieces of timber, or items found in nature such as sticks, leaves, stones and more

3. Treats

  • If you are giving out candy go for companies that produce goods sustainably
  • Choose candy to hand out that is individually wrapped in paper such as natural confectionary co fruit chews or smarties that come in a little box or chocolate coins wrapped in foil as these wrappers can all be recycled once the treat has been gobbled down
  • If entertaining at home get creative with fruit and vegetables to creative a spooktacular platter using vibrant and tasty organic produce (see inspiration from @foodbites instagram page images above)

Picture above by @root_for_food

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