Loved-up Emoji Fruity Faces

Loved-up Emoji Fruity Faces

How cute are these super easy and nutritional Emoji fruit faces for Valentine's Day, or any time really!

Step 1: Make your base
Both pineapple and mango are well suited to become the base for these Emojis. For the Pineapple, first cut off the skin and then slice into rounds – if you want to make them perfect circles, use a cookie cutter to trim the edges. For the Mango, peel off the skin, cut vertical slices and then use a smaller sized circle cutter.

Step 2: Make your heart eyes
Both strawberries and watermelon worked brilliantly for the Emoji’s heart eyes, so simply pick your favourite. For the strawberries, cut vertical slices on all sides to get that nice dark colour, then take a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make them into adorable love motifs. For the watermelon, cut slices and then stamp out the hearts.

Step 3: Make your smiles
Grab your favourite red apple and cut off thin slices all the way around. Use a sharp knife to shape your mouths skin-side up.

And finally, it's time to have fun construction the faces! 


Credit to @whatmomslove


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