The Beautiful Home Birth Journey of Tito

Hi TOS Community, 

Tim here AKA Mr Scarecrow, with some pretty exciting news to share with you all. We are all over the moon 🌙 to welcome in to the world 🌏 our latest little recruit
TITO TEDDY SATIU 👶🏽 Weighing 3.79kg and 54cm long

He landed earth side on Easter Monday 22.4.19 at home caught by a completely calm Mia in her arms in an unforgettable water birth, with his big sister & both brothers protectively and patiently waiting to receive and welcome the new member of the tribe 

Lovingly known as Teddy by his siblings the little guy hasn't been put down (with plenty of open arms ready for a snuggle) since he blessed us all with his gift of life. We are looking forward to what life brings as a gang of #6.

Mum and baby are well & very much still enjoying their little love bubble!

Special thank you to our midwife Janine O'Brien, from Ibirth, for holding the space and providing the encouragement for Mia to do what her body needed to do. So blessed to have travelled this journey two times with you! 🙏🏽

Mumma Mia you truely are a super woman and Teddy you have been such a gift to all of us in so many ways. Love your pretty stocked Papi xxx

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