TOS's own in-house Toxic 20 list

TOS's own in-house Toxic 20 list

Welcome wellness warriors,

Lovely to have you here in our new space for all things wellness! Here we will be sharing not only our own knowledge and experience but those of our wider TOS community. We will be discussing  all things health and wellness and everything in-between (because there is A LOT!)

To kick start this nugget of knowledge we will be opening up the floor to the commonly referred to "Dirty Dozen" & "Clean 15" and what this actually means for us Aussies'

We will be sharing our own researched list of toxic produce to avoid so that when an all organic diet is not accessible to you and your loved ones that you have a more accurate and relevant guide based on Australia's own unique farmland biodiversity!

Some of you may have heard of the EWG's "Dirty Dozen" and their "Clean 15" but what you might not know is that this is an American organisation and it really isn't relevant to our own unique Farmland biodiversity. So while we are fully behind educating communities on the "clean" & "dirty"  fruit and veggies we need to be taking into account the location of these produce items. 

So because everything we do is an all or nothing situation and we fully empathise with the fact that eating an all organic diet is not always attainable for financial or accessibility reasons, we decided to do the research ourselves. We have come up with our own in-house Toxic 20 list that are best to avoid if you are doing a mix of organic and conventional produce. While we just dont have the pools of data that the U.S have to reach their findings what we do have is at least taken from our own environment and its the diverse and varying factors that differ enormously to Americas.  We found the following reports the most up to date, accurate and relevant in regards to formulating the following list for our own reference and to help inform our community with more accurate and relevant information. 

25th Australian Total Diet Study
The Dose makes the Poison
The Choice - Strawberries and Pesticides

While this list and the research involved has proven useful to our over all understanding and a great reference point, we advise you to draw your own conclusions from the links above based on your own unique needs, experience and circumstances. 

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