What's in this weeks box? Monday 22 June

What's in this weeks box? Monday 22 June
Jump on to organicscarecrow.com to add your dairy, pantry staples, cold pressed juice, meat & more. We have awesome fruit and veg market specials in case you want to add extra's to your box as well! Have a fabulous weekend.
xx  TOS family
So, what's in this weeks box?
New Season Apples
Cavendish Bananas
Kiwi Fruit
Red Sensation Pears
Tassie Potatoes
Mixed Herb Bunches
Grape Mini Tomatoes
English Spinach  
While we can't guarantee each of these items will pass Dave's scrupulous quality testing at the markets on the day, we do hope it gives you some idea in regards to preparation and meal planning!

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