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Loved-up Emoji Fruity Faces
How cute are these super easy and nutritional Emoji fruit faces for Valentine's Day, or any time really! Step 1: Make your baseBoth pineapple and mango are well suited to become the base for these Emojis. For the Pineapple, first cut...
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Healthy gut, healthy heart
Is there a link between the gut and the risk of heart disease? The gut is known as the "second brain," as it produces many of the same neurotransmitters, chemicals released by nerves needed for communication with other nerves and...
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The health benefits of organic pineapple
Organic pineapple’s impressive nutrition profile makes it a healthy dessert, side dish or snack. A one-cup serving (165 grams) offers just 75 calories without any cholesterol, sodium or fat and has the following health benefits Vitamin C: You’ll get about one-third of your...
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